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Birth of DBD

With the development of human business, various organizations have emerged to deal with business challenges in different historical periods. For example, unlimited and limited liability entities arose during Roman times, and commerce was facilitated through a system of profit sharing and liability. In the 16th century, companies with a shareholding system began to appear and became the most important commercial organization in the Age of Navigation. People are constantly trying to find the most economical and efficient operation mode, while taking into account the fair distribution when obtaining the maximum profit.

The world of Web 3 is more innovative. The explosion of the Metaverse has made people see the significance of the existence of DAO as an organizational form. If the modern business society in the form of a company has pushed the strong organization and rank distribution to the top, then DAO tells people from another perspective what is equality, fairness, dedication and shared results.

Door Block Dao, referred to as DBD, is a DAO organization jointly initiated by RBR Capital Advisors (RBR), the largest hedge fund in Switzerland, and many senior figures in the fields of philosophy, technology and economics, focusing on the incubation of the original universe track industry. Door Block Dao believes that human beings have formed primitive tribes due to geographical obstacles, and the continuous improvement of human civilization has formed the current state of geopolitical division. The earth will be reunited again, and it will definitely be formed in the digital age by people’s interests and hobbies. The integration of new tribal groups with related industries will surely give birth to new economic rules and financial orders. In the form of attracting jade, we call on people with lofty ideals who share the same viewpoints around the world to gather in the web world to build a new chapter of human civilization.

Door Block Dao is an innovative consensus algorithm that uses the principles of behavioral management to positively expand market liquidity and form a strong consensus with excess turnover rate. , secondary DAO member voting, NFT consumption of DAO identities at all levels, and incubation industry pledge.

2 Core Functions of DBD Standard Governance Framework

Quorum voting module based on BSC 20 token
Dispute Resolution Module DBD Court

DBD governance structure

Protocol layer

Deploy the DBD protocol upgraded with the Court module, and use it as a subjective oracle machine, following the subjective judgment mode of Court jurors. This upgrade is designed to simplify and speed up the decision-making process, moving to an after-the-fact arbitration model.

those charged with governance

Upgrade to DAO with optimistic voting - off-chain voting, on-chain execution. The core of optimistic voting is to assume that voting is fair and fair, and for post-dispute arbitration, it can effectively reduce the cost of community governance on the chain. By staking the voting results, when a dispute occurs and is proven to be a non-malicious challenge, the questioning members can obtain pledge rewards to motivate members to supervise. Due to the use of off-chain expansion to improve efficiency, the original public chain plan will be gradually withdrawn.

multiple user interface

DBD self-developed DoorBlock-UI front-end framework, combined with the DoorBlock-SmartContract smart contract framework developed by DBD and reviewed by multiple testing agencies, any Web3 organization can customize various forms including but not limited to voting and governance under this framework. Application, build its own DAO organizational structure, this process is completely decentralized, and the community can set whether to charge and how much DBD as a custom fee according to different situations at different stages.

Forward expansion mechanism

  • For each trigger, the base for the next increase drops by one percentage point
  • Every time it is triggered, the base of the next expansion and issuance will decrease by 0.5 percentage points
  • Every time it is triggered, the next DAO part will be reduced by one percentage point to LP, up to 20%

DAO Organizational Structure

How to vote

1. Only the first-level DAO conscious and second-level DAO thinkers are eligible to initiate proposals. The initiator can freely choose the number of DBDs to vote in this round and pay a deposit of 30 times the number of votes.

2. Once the proposal is initiated, the first-level DAO conscious and second-level DAO thinkers will deduct the corresponding DBD amount to express their personal position. If they do not express their personal position within the specified time, they will be punished by double the amount of DBD. 

3. In the voting decision, with the same DBD token voting, the voting power of the first-level DAO conscious person will be three times that of the second-level DAO thinker.

4. Decision passing conditions:

(1) The total number of votes in favor of the first-level DAO conscious and second-level DAO thinkers is greater than 51%

(2) The total number of affirmative votes cast by first-level DAO conscious people is greater than 34% of the total number of first-level DAO conscious people

5. Announce the results:
(1) The proposal is approved: 50% of the tokens voted by all DAO members will be directly destroyed, 15% will be used as the organization development fund, 35% will be rewarded to the proposers, and the deposit will be returned.

(2) The proposal is not approved: 85% of the tokens voted by all DAO members will be directly destroyed, and 15% will be used as organizational development funds.

Door Block Dao

Door Block Dao, or DBD for short, is translated into Chinese as “Doorway”. It is a DAO organization jointly initiated by RBR Capital Advisors (RBR), the largest hedge fund in Switzerland, and many experts in philosophy, science and technology, and economy fields, focusing on the original universe track industry incubation.

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Committed to making the kindness of human nature  the driving force of economic operation